The Reboot Foundation is dedicated to supporting efforts by individuals and organizations to better integrate critical thinking into our daily lives. The Reboot Foundation conducts surveys and opinion polls, leads its own research, and supports the work of university-affiliated scholars in a shared goal to help improve critical thinking.

The Reboot Foundation also develops practical tools for parents, teachers, employers, and others interested in cultivating a capacity for critical thinking. Part of the Reboot Foundation’s approach is our SHARP thinking method, which aims to combat fake news and to help improve critical thinking in this age of misinformation. By thinking logically and critically, people will be able to better understand and digest information — and determine whether that information is viable.

To learn more about the Reboot Foundation, or our founder Helen Lee Bouygues, please watch our videos and read our reports, such as The State of Critical Thinking. Want to speak with us about how we can assist your endeavors? Contact the Reboot Foundation today.

What Is SHARP Thinking?
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What’s New at the Reboot Foundation

Reboot’s research was featured in an article on the spread of fake news ahead of the 2020 election.
Each month Helen Lee Bouygues writes a column for Forbes magazine on the latest in critical thinking.
Reboot has recently funded research projects at Princeton University and Yale University.
Listen to Helen Lee Bouygues discuss social media and misinformation.

Helen Lee Bouygues: Why I Started The Reboot Foundation

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