The Foundation aims to promote richer, more reflective forms of thought in schools, homes, and businesses.
Helen Lee Bouygues
Helen Lee Bouygues, one of the most successful women in the field of business transformation, created the foundation in 2018. She is currently writing a book on critical thinking.

The Foundation will fund efforts to better integrate critical thinking in our daily lives. It will conduct surveys and opinion polls, lead its own research, and support the work of university-affiliated scholars. The Foundation will also develop practical tools for parents, teachers, employers and others interested in cultivating a capacity for critical thinking.

The State Of Critical Thinking

A new report from the Reboot Foundation looks at the degree to which people are engaging 


Interview With Mathematician Cédric Villani 

Watch a fascinating interview with Helen Lee Bouygues about how people can engage in richer forms of thought. 

What is the Reboot Foundation ?

The Reboot Foundation aims to promote richer, more reflective forms of thinking.

Helen Lee Bouygues

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