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A compilation of Helen Lee Bouygues’s regular column in Forbes on critical thinking research and education.

Election misinformation was prevalent on the platform; and this summer, the #Pizzagate conspiracy theory exploded on TikTok.

In interview after interview, Trump supporters involved in Wednesday’s shameful storming of the U. S. Capitol trotted out conspiracy theories and echoed lies pushed by President Trump and many others.

The Reboot Foundation has recently released a Teachers’ Guide to Critical Thinking. We worked with some top teachers in different subject areas and grade levels around the country to produce an informative, user-friendly guide for teachers.

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit early this year, many of us have been operating in crisis mode—managing each unexpected development as it arrives, day by day and sometimes hour by hour.

36,000. That’s how many lives could have been saved from the virus, according to one study, if lockdown measures had been imposed just a week earlier in the U.S.

Artful Thinking is a pedagogical approach to critical thinking that the National Gallery of Art has been sharing with local teachers for more than 10 years. In January 2019, the museum rolled out Teaching Critical Thinking through Art, a free online course making Artful Thinking available to everyone. A year later, it had been used by 9,800 people in 149 countries, 80 percent of them educational professionals, including classroom teachers.